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We also do small dog boarding, not just yorkies.  Check out Boarding for particulars. 


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We invite you to grab a cup of coffee and visit with our Yorkies on our web site.   

We breed on a limited basis and our Yorkies are pets first and show dogs second.  Quality is much more important to us than quantity.  We breed for soundness and temperament.  This is our trademark and we are very proud that most people can pick out a Rusticpride Yorkie from the others.

It is our belief that nothing can replace the handling and socialization that the breeder provides before you buy a puppy.  It is our practice, as soon as puppies are up on their feet and can move around to let them have free run of the house.  In this way they experience all the noise of everyday living (vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, mops, brooms, etc).  We also get down on the floor with them several times a day and handle them, make noises and let them crawl on us.   Our puppies and adult Yorkies play together.  This helps to develop their social skills.

If the weather is warm enough they even get outdoor time on the grass.  All shots are given when due.  Since our puppies are well socialized, crave human contact, and know what good care is (timely feedings, water available at all times, immediate vet care and pain medication), we are extremely critical of the homes in which they are placed.  High priorities are placed on "part of family" living environment and a safe fenced play area.  All pets are sold on non-breeding and spay/neuter contracts.   Rusticpride puppies come with a health guarantee.

All these things are what differentiate a quality breeder puppy from the pet store and backyard (for money) variety.  We have worked hard for many years to build and achieve a reputation as a breeder of choice for quality, healthy, well socialized Yorkie puppies.  Our experience has been that buyers who rush into the purchase of a puppy with wild abandon, on the whim of the moment, are often disappointed.  Worst yet, these are the types of situations that are often disastrous for the puppy.  We are looking for patient, educated buyers who understand that buying a dog is a lifetime commitment.  Dogs are living creatures capable of feeling and an almost unlimited capacity for love.  Our puppies have been raised to crave such an environment.  We owe them nothing less than the assurance that this is the kind of life they will have.

I am an active member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and the Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Club.

We are proud to be the breeder of:

Ch. Rusticprides Fairytale Carlie, Canada's Top Female Yorkshire Terrier - 2006 & #3 Yorkshire Terrier for 2006.

Best Puppy In Show, Ch. Rusticpride Symbol For Bianchi, Canada's Top Toy Puppy for 2001.

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email address: yorkies@ica.net

 Last updated: Sept. 25/12


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