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Take a look at the quality of our puppies that we have lovingly produced. Some of our puppies have gone on to be Champions in the show ring, while others have gone on to be Champions in their owner's hearts.


This is Lil Oreo.  He has to be the smallest yorkie ever.  In the first picture he is one year old and weights 1 1/2 lbs full grown.  The other two pictures Lil Oreo is just a baby.  Pictured with his daddies Harry and his brother, Shawn. 

                                        Coco & Kiwi adopted by Monica & Family



 Ruby loved by Katie                                       Trixie loved by Elizabeth & Family



Carys loved by Val & Toto                Tessa loved by the Helsby Family


Chloe loved by the Webster Family             Izzy loved by the Freeman Family

A sister for Rascal (another one of

my puppies)


Chance (aka Cherokee) & Crickett (aka Caprice) loved by Dale & Val Burke



Bella loved by the Sands Family in BC                                     Rascal (Bella's brother)

                                                                                                     loved by the Websters



           Pepsi loved by Peter & Maria          Gie-Gie and her friend  loved by Denise



  Maggie loved by the MacNeils                                          Raven loved by Sandra & Shane



Teddy loved by Donna                         Broker loved by Chandlor



This is our little 3 lb. powerhouse, Caprice and her room-mate buddy, Penny.   Caprice is loved by the McKeen Family in Manitoba.  Mary flew in to Toronto to pick Caprice up and tells me that Caprice made quite a stir at the airport.  This little one is cute as a button and has attitude plus.  She rules the home.


Kiiya loved by Steven & Lan Cole              This little 3 lb. beauty, Summer is

                                                                       loved Jim & Donna


Fonzi and his best friends

Loved by Loretta Hanratty & Family


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"Edie" loved by the Nagel Family                                        "Scooby"

I am honoured that they have                           Loved by the Byrd Family

decided to call my "Angel" after me        


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"Cleo" loved by the Linklater Family  

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  "Fancy's Lil Bit" in his favourite poses  "Fancy's Lil Bit" with his Mom Chris


                  Ziggy loved by Rick & Debbie




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