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Full Name:Stanley Sy
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Deviant Since:Oct 30, 2000
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Deviant Since:Oct 30, 2000
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Current Residence:Ontario, Canada
Favorite movie:Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Favorite band or musician:Plumb, Jars of Clay, OLP, Foo Fighters
Favorite genre of music:Alternative, CCM, J/K-Pop, Dance, Pop
Favorite poet or writer:r-sandbox
Favorite style or digital art:Minimalistic, Clean
Operating System:Windows XP
MP3 player of choice:Winamp
Wallpaper of choice:Pat Lee's Transformers
Favorite game:UT2003, RCT, FinalBurn, Tetrinet, GTA 3
Favorite gaming platform:PSX, PC
Favorite cartoon character:Snake-Eyes, Sailor Jupiter (!?) :D
Tools of the Trade:Digital (Photoshop, CorelDraw, & Notepad) Traditional (Mechanical pencils, india ink)


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Skin Featured in Japanese Mag
Sunday, December 08, 2002

One of my skins, Cold Mettle WMP for Windows Media Player got featured in the Japanese magazine "Windows100%" in their November 2002 issue.

It has a section on Windows Media Player featuring several popular skins. They requested via email if they could have permission to show my Cold Mettle skin in their magazine. They also said they would send me a magazine if I gave them my mailing address. So I gave them permission.
The next thing I know, I get this envelope in the mail with their magazine and CD-ROM for free. Maybe I'll post pictures of it one day.

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Oct. 12, 2002 Antiseptic Mozilla Icons x1
17 comments, 177 downloads, 1016 views, 1 favorites
Sept. 30, 2002 Somber Skies
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Aug. 16, 2002 Mortal Kombat Zones
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Devious Thoughts on starvingartist

woot, woot! gratz on the japanese mag nod... :D
hey man!
I was looking at your screenshot, and i looked at your Winamp playlist...

Sonic Flood, Jars of Clay

those guys rock!!
thanks for all your comments. actually reply ya the other day but something wrong with DA thought cos the msg can't get through and keep display the page not found.... anyway, thanks. :) (Smile)

have a good day!
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