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Welcome to the revamped, reorganized and renovated Runic Reading List! (formerly the Kansas City Runological Society Reading List.) This is intended to be a complete and thorough annotated listing of books and internet resources dealing specifically with the runes. You can read all about the history and origins of this site here.

Some recent changes include:

  • Dozens of new additions, mostly academic ones, thanks to a lot of totally unsolicited, very hard work on the part of Kurt Oertel. Thank you very much, Kurt! (the rest of you, get off your butts!)
  • The books are now entered alphabetically by author instead of title (hey, that's how I got it!). Net resources are still listed by title.
  • We are now an associate of Amazon.com! If you see a book on this list that you are interested in purchasing, just click on the title and it will take you directly to that book's entry in Amazon's catalogue. Some titles are not available at all, while others are out of print and need to be specially requested, but most of the books on the list can be had, and for a pretty good price, too!

The contents of this resource listing are indexed and organized in a number of different ways:

The Full Listing

This includes every annotated item on the site. These items are further sub-divided in two different ways: academic vs. mystical books and sites, and books vs. internet resources.

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Academic section

Runic Academia

These books and net resources focus on such topics as the historical value of runes, the linguistic aspects of runes, and the interpretation of runes.

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Mystic section

Mystic Uses of Runes

Resources in this section contains information pertaining to divination, spellcasting, and personal growth through runes, and include books and internet resources.

An item listed in the Mystical section may or may not have academic merit - classifying it as 'mystical' is only to indicate its main focus. By the same token, just because a book or site has an academic focus does not necessarily mean that it's authors ideas are generally accepted or even plausible. Some books and resources may be listed in both sections.

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Books section


This section includes all books and journals, academic or mystical, in the list.

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Internet section

Internet Resources

This section includes all internet resources (including web sites and newsgroups), academic or mystical, in the list.

Materials Not Available for Review

This section includes material that has not been available for annotation and is not included elsewhere in the list. If you have read any of these books or know of any other books or sites which should be included, and would like to write up a brief description for inclusion in this list, then go to our Add a Book or Resource form.

This icon indicates a book or resource I personally recommend
All books are now listed alphabetically by author; other resources by title. Some sections were originally listed in order of 'usefulness', but such things are rather subjective. Instead, I have marked those items which I personally recommend with a red check mark. This is not to say that items without a check mark are not recommended - it may simply mean that I am not personally familiar with that particular resource.

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