Fiscalini Visual Art
Mosaics and Stained Glass
Click here for Fiscalini Mosaic enlargement 179K
By Artists Setsuko and Pietro Fiscalini
Toronto  Ontario  Canada

Decorations of wall, floor and panels

Sale of Mosaics and Stained Glass by artists

We consult and customize original designs for each customer.

Click on the Graphic images for better detail.

Examples of our work include:

Click Here to Enlarge Sanctuary 464K
Title:                        Sanctuary
Technique:          Stained Glass
Size:             23 1/2 X 18 inches
Price:                          $1650.00

Click Here to Enlarge Black Wings  493K

Title:                  Black Wings
Technique:        Stained Glass
Size:     16 3/4 X 20 1/8 inches
Price:                           $ 2100

Title:          Europe
Technique: Roman Mosaic
Size:           12 feet Diameter
Location:   Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada. Click Here to Enlarge  Europe Mosaic 1Meg  

Experience in Europe, Japan and Canada since 1983.
For information, quotations:
Fax 416-233-8879
Setsuko Fiscalini

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