Iain's Web Page

Iain's Web Page

This is the amazing web page that you ever saw that could even blow your hair off!

My name is Iain (with two 'I's). I am 8 years old, and I am in grade 3.

I watch The Simpsonsevery day. I like drawing and writing. This is a comic called The Adventures of French Fry Man that I made up and drew when I was 5 (my mom wrote the letters for me). I always play with my toys now and then. I always play with my computer games all day when my parents let me. I always play with my cat every day. Her name is Damie.

I always take Dino with me at night when I go to bed.

I like my books. My favorite books are rhyming books like "There's a Wocket in My Pocket". I like to play "Sam & Max" and "Cyberstone Park" and the magic school bus on the computer. I like going to the movie store. My favorite movies from there are "Star Wars" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I like to have a picnic outside and I like to play outside. I also like to play golf. I wish that I could go fishing with Dad - maybe we can go next weekend. Last time I went fishing I caught a fish and we ate it! This is a picture of me and my fish and my dad and his fish.

I always drink milk every day when I have dinner. I like to eat macaroni and cheese and chicken noodle soup. I like peanut butter and honey sandwiches - that's why I eat them every day. I also like spying with my friend Urie. He is 13 now that is old. My favorite sport is soccer.

The End.

My Favourite Web Sites:


National Geographic Kids


Fox Kids

Sam & Max

Santa's Web Site
If you want to send me email, you can send it to my mom and she'll give it to me. .
(my mom typed this web page for me)
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