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Shady Sands
Located between Vault 13 and Vault 15, Shady Sands is a small farming village. At the gate holster your weapon. Most of the NPCs will not converse with you until you do. Talk to the Katrina, the woman at the entrance. Ask about the water chip and go through all the conversation topics. She will explain the basics of the Fallout world. Exit the dialogue and you will receive 250 xp.

Seth, the guard at the entrance, has a rope in his inventory that will be needed later. Steal or barter for it. If you talk to him he will propose for you to do a quest for him. This is to go into the Radscorpion caves and blow them all away. Before doing this, however, explore the village a bit. In the building east of the entrance, there is an adventurer, Ian. Talk to him and he will give you directions to Junktown and the Hub. The locations will appear on the world map. You can also ask him to join. See the Companions section of the Strategy Guide for character descriptions (but not now, as it's not finished yet).

Aradesh is the leader of this community. He is in the central building of the first area. Talk to him and offer to help deal with the Radscorpions. He will direct you to Razlo, the doctor. Razlo is located in the south-western building. He will ask you to get a Radscorpion tail for him so he can make an antidote. Radscorpions can be met as a random encounter or in the caves. To go to the caves talk to Seth.

After you get the tail, talk to Razlo again and give it to him. He will mix up a batch of antidote and give you a free sample. You will be rewarded with 250 xp, but only the first time. Bringing Razlo any more Radscorpion tails will obtain you more antidotes, but no more experience. Antidotes are used to cure poisoning caused by being clubbed by a Radscorpion tail. However, I have noticed that poison wears off in day or so without it. Use the antidote if you have some important appointment where walking in poisoned is frowned upon. Check our Medical section for more information.

Use one of your antidotes on the man lying in the back, Jarvis. This will cure him of his poisoning and give you 400 more xp.

There is another area of Shady Sands. This area contains a farm and some farmers. Having a high intelligence (or a general knowledge of farming techniques) will allow you to tell a farmer in the eastern portion of Shady Sands about crop rotation. This will earn you some experience. A shelf in one of the houses contains a Scouting Handbook and coil of rope. Besides that the only other thing I saw was a tiny well that barely supports the equally tiny community. Connection?

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