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Radscorpion Caves

Radscorpion Cave
This area is pretty straightforward. Kill all of the Radscorpions. Be sure to collect at least one of their tails for Doctor Razlo. You will be rewarded with 500 xp plus 110 xp per Radscorpion killed.

Or if you don't feel like hunting down every single Rad scorpion in the cave, you can try your hand at demolitions. At the entrance of the caves look at the walls of the cave. Find the walls that appear weak. Set the timer on the dynamite to an appropriate ammount of time, set the dynamite on the wall and stand at a safe distance. When the dynamite explodes it will collapse the caves, sealing in the Radscorpions. 1175xp and it only took you a quarter of the time. You'll need to find a radscorpion somewhere else for its tail, but there are enough of them you'll find one sooner or later. Of course you can always step into the cave, cap one Radscorpion and then dynamite the cave. Exit the caves.

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