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Eighty years after the end of modern civilization. The world, as it is today, is rugged and unforgiving. That is precisely why the Fallout Compendium was created, to help struggling humans survive in this new world. However this Compendium is still under development. Check back often.
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Recent Updates: [2/05/99 6:49pm]
We've got a new Ads page Go there and click on some banners; well, right now we've only got one, but soon you can click on loads of banners. :) However, you can click on as many (or as little) banners as you want. All of them will be one one page (no popups or intrusive banners) and they're all optional. All the money we get will go to buying more games and making Compendiums for them; because, as you must know, it's a little difficult to make a Compendium on a game you don't have. Plus, now we have some incentive to finish our pages more quickly.
[1/21/99 2:14pm]
Here's a new page by the creators of these great Compendiums (ie. us), the Oracle of Nonsense. Check it out, and ask the Oracle some questions.
READ THIS CAREFULLY: Okay, there's two completely different message boards linked from this site. The first is the Fallout Compendium Message Board which is linked right here on the main page, and through ABOUT, FEEDBACK. The second one is Big Red Rock's Mystic Isle Message Board (linked both here and in the last week's news post). They are completely different. The only connection whatsoever is that Fallout and Mystic Isle are both RPGs. Don't post Fallout related questions/comments on their Mystic Isle board and don't post Mystic Isle related questions/comments on our Fallout board. Clear? I can draw a diagram if that helps. Until then remember, our message board is green, theirs is black. If you're ever unsure, just read the earlier posts.
Well we haven't updated in a while (so sue us, its Christmas). But if you like Fallout, and liked helping Interplay with the development of Fallout 2 by posting on their message board, go to the Big Red Rock page. Its a developer of an upcoming RPG, Mystic Isle. So go on their Message Board and post all of your ideas. Read the earlier posts first, though.
Well, Fallout 2's out. You'd think we'd finish the Fallout Compendium in accordance with FCC Regulations. Well, we'll get around to it eventually.
We haven't gotten the motivation to make any major additions to the Fallout Compendium (busy playing Rainbow Six :) ) but the World Map has been labeled courtesy of a friendly reader.
Easter Eggs section added to Strategy. We've found a slightly different ending to the game (with help from a fellow reader). Check it out. I know we haven't updated in a while but we're working on it. We're both pretty busy (school/work) so there's been a bit of a lull. We'll get the whole visual walkthru (or at least up to the water chip) up soon.
Visit the Feedback section and check out the Feedback Form. It's a place for you to rate our page, tell us your favourite section, give comments/suggestions, and sign up for our upcoming mailing list.
If you've looked at the images on the page yet, you should notice the little FC at the corner of each image. Cute, isn't it? This is done to prevent more people from contracting the "imitation is the highest form of flattery" syndrome. At least now if any images ARE taken from our site, you'll be able to tell.
We have the stats and pictures on three weapons from Fallout 2. This is before the game has come out so I think that's pretty impressive. Check them out in the Fallout 2 Compendium in STATS. GOOD NEWS! Someone from GamesLog stumbled upon our humble page and recognised our pure genius. :) So now we're being hosted here. Please change all your bookmarks to this address. Please check/post on the Message Board before emailing us.

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