Have you ever felt frustrated and helpless when it comes to thinking of buying a new vehicle?  Most of us  want to drive a new vehicle, however, the increasing prices and the
variation off prices among different dealerships makes
vehicle buying a frustrating process.  Fortunately, the recent increase in the auto network companies has boosted

consumer confidence and has eliminated the guess work out of negotiating the price with the auto dealer.

Why Choose MGE Auto Service

1) Invoice price guaranteed in writing from the service corporation for domestic vehicles ordered directly from the factory, and x percent off the retail  price of imports in the showroom.  Note: invoice price includes transportation costs of the vehicle, which are otherwise paid on top of the retail price of the vehicle.

Choice of ordering directly from the factory.

3) Save time on shopping around and negotiating price with the sales person.

No high pressure sales pitch form the sales person to buy the vehicle.

Choose form all makes, models and colors available from the factory. Models Available (2000): Domestic: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Imports:  Nissan, Honda, Mazda and Toyota.

Have peace of mind that you have the best price available not just in town, but in the country.

Joining the MGE Auto Network
It does not matter if you are ready or not to purchase the vehicle in this year. 
Currently there is no membership fees or annual fees for the club members. 
Call or E-mail us and receive your membership number for future reference.

The following is an example and should not be taken as an absolute price statistic.  An average gross savings could range form two hundred to couple of thousand dollars.  In general the more expensive the vehicle, more  the savings:

What kind of savings can I expect?
Chevy Malibu (1999) Retail: ~ $23,000.00
Network Price:                    ~ $18,900.00
Gross Savings:                      ~  $4,100.00

Is there any service charge?

Yes.  MGE Auto Network is not a non-profit organization.  We do charge for this service.  Our Service Charge ranges from minimum of $200 to a maximum of $500 per vehicle sold based on the savings of MGE Auto Network member.

Savings($)              Service Charge

0 - 300      ------>  $0. Buy out of Network.
300 - 500  ------>  $200
500 - 1000 ------>  $250
1000-5000 ------>  $500 Maximum

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