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Brad White! (at

Pan Flutes in Paradise. Join Hawaii's Brad White on an exotic musical journey. Listen to melodic and lush orchestrations.
Read the myths and histories of the pan flute, see resources and more. Entertaining, educational, and fun!    

Doina-Panfloeten in Germany, A very helpful site with advice, instruments and instructions.

Jean-Claude Mara, of France, is an original pan flute improviser.
He plays lovely meditative music, often with other fine instrumentalists.
He has recorded many beautiful CDs.

Ullrich Herkenhoff, Especially known for his very fine classical music pan flute playing.

Joeri Murk, the Swiss panflute specialist! Joeri runs the Arosa pan flute festival and makes very fine pan flutes.

Roar Engleberg (right) with Stein-Erik Olsen, Roar is the great Norwegian pan flute virtuoso.

Costel Puscoiu: This Romanian born panflute teacher living in Delft sadly passed away in March 2011.
His son Vlad will continue with the pan flute business. Method books are available and they sell the Ion Preda pan flutes.

If you are looking for a tuneable pan flute, look at Panex instruments in the Czech Republic.

Wayne St. John, a versatile Toronto musician does some original and creative playing with the pan flute, often while singing at the same time! Wayne is involved in many kinds of music, and has a great singing voice.

Walti, a Swiss pan flute player, living in Japan. He does some creative, different stuff! (With "Pan de Deux" partner Yuki)

From Brazil, Antonio Carlos Rodrigues offers instruments and information in Portuguese.


Ontario Folkdance Assoc. The Ontario Folkdance Association! Recreational Folkdancing!

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Oil paintings! High quality painted reproductions of famous paintings

Art Gallery Worldwide: A useful arts-based searchable site.


Phil Coman, the Niagara photographer and pianist

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