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KEVIN BUDD has been building and playing pan flutes and silver flute
for over 20 years. He studied in Canada, the US, and Europe and has performed at over 500 events.

Canadian musician Kevin Budd has specialized in the pan flute as both a composer and performer for over two decades. A consummate wind musician, he also plays transverse flute, and recorder.

About his CD, he writes, "beyond the association of inhalation which is integral to a wind player, Deep suggests an emotional profundity, while Breath refers to the spirit. These songs are my ‘deep breath,’ an expression of profundity and intimacy in sound.”

An ancient instrument, the pan flute is used, in some form, throughout much of the world. According to Greek myth, it was invented by the god Pan as an instrument of consolation. The Romanian-style pan flute or nai played here has a single line of bamboo tubes which produce an extraordinarily clear, natural and haunting sound.

Listen to the CD "Deep Breath" at https://kevinbudd.bandcamp.com/ or on Apple Tunes

Kevin Budd has taught at the Arosa Music Festival in Switzerland, performed as a soloist with regional orchestras, and has played for movie soundtracks, commercials, and recordings.

Mr. Budd brought together the international pan flute community with the first Internet web page devoted to the instrument, and its first Internet-based discussion group, Pan Flute World.

You can visit on Facebook.

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  • Kevin lives in Toronto, Canada, and is available to perform for special events. His lovely sound adds a unique, lovely ambience that is very memorable.

    E-MAIL KEVIN (English/Espanol/Francais) kbudd@ica.net