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I really don't like these nude gigs. You'd think with all these hot lights I'd be boiling but I'm frozen stiff. How long can I keep looking alluring and seductive when my boobs are freezing off and the material on this chaise lounge is chaffing my butt! Oh well, it's the only gig I've been able to get in the last 15 years so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. And they are paying me a nice chunk of change.

You know I've gotta put together a portfolio of current shots of me. I look DAMN fine for a 42 year old. And there has to be a market for a Fat Barbie doll somewhere. After all they've got Ebony Barbie and Asian Barbie, why isn't there a Fat Barbie doll! Does every doll have to be an anorexic? Metabolically challenged Barbie, why not?? Lots of fat little girls would love to see a doll that looks like them. Hmmmm, let's see... what outfits would appeal to the little consumers. I think I need something with a regal air...maybe something Medieval looking........

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