The Commemorative Unit.

This commemorative unit was created in 1985. His Royal Highness, Ernst August, Duke of Cumber-land, Prince of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, gave us permission to reform the old Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion "von Barner".

It is a great honour for our group that His Royal Highness is the patron of our regiment and museum. Mister Christoph von Barner is our Honorary Colonel. His ancestor was the commander of the original Battalion.

We are very honoured that Mr. Kraft Riedesel Baron zu Eisenbach took a major interest in our project. He is the honorary Major of our unit. It was General Riedesel who 200 years ago brought the first Christmas tree to Canada. He was also the commander of all German troops who defended Canada.

We are very fortunate that we could interest the following German army units in our project. In Brunswick it is the 24. Tank Battalion, in Hildesheim the 2.Panzergrenadierbrigade and in Hanover the 1.Panzerdivision. This is a great honour for our unit.

It is our goal to show the modern German army that history is still alive and the deeds of the Brunswick troops are not forgotten. Without the support of the Inspectors of the Army it would have been impossible for us to participate at various shows in Germany. A special thanks to Lieutenant-General Henning von Ondarza and the now commanding Inspector Lieutenant-General H. Hagen.

Many thanks are also going to Mr. Christoph von Barner and Mr. Kraft Riedesel Freiherr zu Eisenbach for their support and contribution to our project.

Our main goal is the enlightenment of the population in North America and Europe about the major role the Brunswick troops played in the history, defense and the settling of Canada. We want to honour this less known point in the history of Canada and hope that we could help that it will not be forgotten. It is very important that we help to create a better understanding between our countries.

It was very difficult over the years to realise this project.

We appreciate very much the support we receive from the Brunswick Museum and its director Mr. Biegel and Volkswagen Canada Ltd. This is the only company that supports our project.

We grateful appreciate the help of the German army, which supports our unit when we visit Germany and participate at various shows. Besides all these activities we are also researching the muster rolls and the old military papers of the Brunswick troops. We hope that with our help the unknown contributions and sacrifices of the German troops in Canada will be known.


Defending the Fortress, Erfurt, Germany

In Battle, Black Creek, Ontario

Fort York, Toronto

For the first time in a long time, the Guelpp colors are flying over Hubbardton

Night Firing, Toronto

Hubbardton, Mount Zion in the background

Assault on Quebec City

Assault on Quebec City

Assault on Quebec City

His ancestor would be proud of him.
More people like him are needed.