Newsletter March 2006

First recruiting transport:
Left Brunswick February 25, 1777
Engineer-Captain Thomae and Lieutenant Ruff in charge.
Transport consisted of 4 NCO's, 3 drummers, 231 privates and 18 wifes.
Arrived in Canada in the middle of July.

Second Recruiting transport:
Left Brunwick April 1, 1778, embarked in Stade April 15, 1778
Arrived in Quebec September 8.
In charge: Captain Stoeter, Captain Weise, Captain Rusch
Transport consisted of:
3 Captain
1 Lieutenant Korfes
3 Sergeants
1 Staff surgeon (Fuetcke?)
14 NCO's
10 dummers
399 privates incl. 4 surgeons
30 servants
1 officer servant
20 wifes and 1 servant
Total 483 people.

Third Recruiting transport:
Left Brunswick March, 25, 1779
Transport consisted of:
3 Officers: Capains Thomae, Raabe and Weise
1 Chaplain (Schrader)
2 Sergeants Stoelner, Wehrstedt
6 Corporals
3 drummers
1 Staff surgeon
1 Surgeon
264 privates
3 officer servants
12 wifes and 2 children
Toal 298 people.

Fourth Recruiting transport:
Mai 1780 consisted of 266 people

Fifth Recruiting tranport
Left Brunswick in 1781, but had to go into the harbour of New york City
Did not arrive in Canada before april 1782
172 people

Brunswick Newsletter Feb/March 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen
Museumsproject Sorel
We heard nothing from the city of Sorel regarding the project at the Riedesel house in Sorel. We assume hat there is no interests from the side of the city. Last year Mr. Aylmer Baker got into contact with a museum in Quebec City regarding a display of the Brunswick Troops in North-America. Mr. Baker did a wonderful job promoting the project. Different hearings in Ottawa went very positive and by December he project was still a go. By the middle of January the government changed and it looks now that we have to go through the same pocess again. Hopefully we will soon have the project on the way. Last years project to help out the Rose House helped to keep the museum open. This could have not been achieved without your help.
Today I am asking again for your help. It is another historical project what needs our help. As mentioned in the previous some of our members will participate in the re-enactment in Germany in October of this year. We will re-present the Brunswickers and North-America at the 200th anniversary of the battle of Jena. The hostorical battle-field did not change much over the last 200 years up o know. That will change soon. Our friends informed us that the city of Jena is planning to erect six huge windmills to generate power on the historical field. We are not against this form of generating power, we just think that a different location would be more suitable. The windmills endanger the local historical buildings, a rare species of a bird of prey and of course the historical field.
We need your help.
Please click on the following site to send of a letter of proes. The letter is pre-printed in German and will be send to the city of Jena. The text is as what I have mentioned above. Afer the site comes up fill in the following:
your name
your adress
your phone-number
and your e-mail adress.
Than just click send and the letter is on the way."> Letter to Jena

Please help to save a very important piece of history. Thank you very much. Claus Reuter Brunswick Newsletter November 2004
We have no news to report yet about the Sorel project. It seems the city
is moving very slow on the subject.
In October of 2006 a major re-enactment will take place in Germany.
The event will be the 200. anniversary of the Battle of Jena/Auerstaedt.
We are planning to go to Germany for the show. It would be a great opportunity
to visit Germany. We will keep you all informed.