Connecting to the World


http://www.braunschweiger-jaeger.deThe site of our Jaeger Company in Brunswick. Worth visting the site. visit the web-site of our Lieutenant, Dr. Baker. site of our dear friend Terry. Great site of the Hessen Kassel Jaeger Corps

http://www.bundeswehr.deOfficial German Army Page Volkswagen Germany Please visit this side Volkswagen North-America

http://www.bser.deThe Best Site about Brunswick, Updated 01/06/2000 of Brunswick Web-page

http://www.Braunschweig.deCity Information

http://www.wolfenbuettel.deCity of Wolfenbuettel web-page Aircraft Fanatics

http://www.gerstaecker-museum.deGerstaecker Museum in Brunswick

http://www.klittich-pfankuch.deAntique Books in Brunswick Anton-Ulrich Museum

http://www.luth-braunschweig.deArchiv of the Luth. Church in Brunswick Site dealing with Brunswick, updated 01/06/2000

http://www.biblio.tu-bs.deLibrary of the Brunswick Tech. University

German Pages City Information Technical Museum, Berlin of Winnipeg, German Links

http://www.forts.orgGreat Site and a worthwhile project to support.

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