Genealogy, Part of Living History
Genealogy, Part of Living History

June 9th 1999

Hubbardton Vermont, USA

A day I will never forget

As a matter of fact, It is where I received my commission as a lieutenant of the recreated Battalion called Brunswick Light Infantery Battalion von Barner , on the exact spot where the battle happened. It was an honor for me and I have been deeply touched by it.

Johannes Baptista Ebacher, my ancestor, was a soldier in that particular battalion. When he first arrived in Quebec during the month of September 1776, he was already in the German military service for 4 years. It is by genealogical research that I have met Mr. Claus Reuter.

Mr. Reuter has been of the most precious help. He gave us lots of documentations, the complete list of the military supplies, even lots of his articles, in order that our mannequin of our ancestor, will be an historically exact replica. Mr. Reuter even prepared our trip to Germany this summer. Marvellous trip that allowed us to meet wonderful people. It allowed us as well to obtain new documentations, and to learn more about the life in Germany at this time, and also concerning the regiment of our ancestor.

We now plan to reconstitute here in Quebec another group of this regiment, especially a group of drums and fifes. Also, we are looking for a place which would allow us to exhibit to the public, all the articles and informations we have. Our ultimate goal is to have the population know the real story about the German's in Quebec.

Feel more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

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Dr. Aylmer Baker D.C.
Lieutenant, Light Infantery Battalion von Barner