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NEW! The Plight of the Brunswick Soldiers, Bennington, Winter Hill, Charlottesville. A collection of articles dealing with General Riedesel, casualties at Bennington and life in prison camps in Winter Hill and Charlottesville. 133 pages of text. Price...

Letters and Journals relating to the War of American Independence and the Capture of the German Troops at Saratoga, by Madame Riedesel. This classic is now available again. A must for everybody. Price....... $18.00

"The Diary of Johann Bense in North America 1776 - 1783",
by C. Reuter. Diary of a Brunswick soldier serving in North America from 1776 to 1783. It gives a good inside view of the live of a common soldier of the Brunswick Corps defending Canada. The diary deals with the Burgoyne campaign and the hard time in a American prisoner of war camp. A very interesting account of the live of a common soldier. It deals with a very important part of early North American history. Format 8 1/2 X 5 1/2. Soft cover with 24 pages of text and some illustrations. Price...$3.00.

"The Diary of Johann Georg Stang, A Military Musician serving with the Ansbach-Bayreuth Corps in North America 1777 - 1883", by C. Reuter. Diary of a soldier of the Ansbach-Bayreuth contingent serving in North America. The Ansbach-Bayreuth corps was serving in the USA. A very interesting account of the campaigns in the USA written by a common soldier. Format 8 1/2 X 5 1/2. Soft cover with 24 pages of text and some llustrations. Price.$3.00

"The Battle of Hubbardton, July 7, 1777, A bitter Defeat", by C. Reuter. The book gives a good account of the battle of Hubbardton from a German and Canadian viewpoint. It describes the way of the Brunswick Corps to Hubbardton and it deals with the role the French played in settling the Lake Champlain area. The book presents the reader with a good view of the soldiers of the Brunswick corps and of the English troops involved in the Burgoyne campaign. Some chapters of the book are also covering the fortification in the area and the military importance of them. It gives a very important account of early Canadian and US history. A must for any library. Format 8 1/2 X 5 1/2. Soft cover. Plastic IBICO binding. 76 pages of text and 28 b/w illustrations. Price..$10.00

"The Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion "von Barner" 1776 - 1783", by C. Reuter. A important booklet dealing with Canadian and US history. The booklet deals with the history of the Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion "von Barner" serving in Canada and the USA. It gives an account of the different campaign's, deals with the uniforms and weapons. The booklet also shows the names-list of the first company of the battalion serving in North America. Format 8 1/2 X 5 1/2. Soft cover, IBICO binding, 35 pages text and 20 pages with documents and illustrations. Price..10.00

CD-ROM. From Brunswick to Charlottesville. 1776 - 1783. The CD-ROM shows and deals with many places the Brunswick Troops saw in Germany, Canada and the USA. Included are illustrations of the Dukes of Brunswick. MS Power Point slide show. Over 150 illustrations. Price ..$8.00

The Brunswick Troops in North-America 1776 - 1783. "Casual listing" of all Brunswick soldiers who deserted, were dismissed, were killed in action, died of wounds and decease in North-America between 1776 to 1783. A must for libraries, archives, universities, genealogical societies and historians. Listed will be all the name, place of birth, postal code of place of birth, age, regiment, company, cause of dismissal and the date. 112 pages text. Plastic IBICO binding. Price..$18.00

CD-ROM. Sorel on the Map. MS Power Point Presentation. The Brunswick Connection. Same as above expanded with more pictures and information dealing with the Duchy of Brunswick, German Headquarters in Sorel, the city of Sorel, etc. Lots of information. Price...$8.00

CD-ROM. Showing uniforms and equipment of the Brunswick Troops. Price................$8.00

The following two books were written by a committee of former German officers for the Historical Division of the US Army.
"Panzer Operations in the West" I. SS-Panzer Corps in Normandy,
written by Major-General Kraemer. The fighting in the West from the German side. 61pp. Text and 6 pp. of illustrations. Format 5 1/2 X 8. Price.........$8.50

CD-ROM. The Me 262. MS POWER POINT prsentation. Over 400 illustrations including rare photos taken from the original German Manual. Price...$8.00

"Airborne Operations, A German Appraisal".
German report dealing with German air-borne operations in World War II. 72 pp. Text and 4 pp. of illustations. Format 5 1/2 X 8. Price.........$8.50

"German Missiles", A Series of Allied Intelligence Reports.
The reports dealing with the development of different German Missiles of W.W.II. 44 pp text and 12 pages with illustrations. Format 5 1/2 X 8. Price........$8.50

Development of German Aircraft Armament in World War II.
A rare reprint of a booklet published in 1945. Some illustrations were added to the original text. Format 5 1/2 X 8. Price..........................$8.50

"A - 4 Fibel". An English copy of the German A4 manual issued in 1957 by Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. Wernher von Braun's team launched the V2 in New Mexico and developed the rocket to carry the first US satellite into space. A very important manual in the history of the US Space and Missile Program. The first flight of a A-4 launched in the US, took place on April 16, 1946. This historic flight of the A-4 marks the beginning of the American Missile and Space Program. The text of the manual is in English, very heavily illustrated. English copy of the WWII manual issued to the German rocket troops. Format 8 1/2 X 11. Soft cover, IBICO binding, 164 pages text with many illustrations. Price................$14.00

"A4 Fibel" Copy of the original German 1944 version. Heavily illustraded. Included is the rare X-plan (time Table)

CD-ROM. The Me 163 Komet. First operational Rocket Fighter in service. MS Power Point slide show with over 200 photos, included are rare photos taken from the original German Manual. Included are some Video clips. Price.....$8.00

"REIMAHG - FROM Sand-Pit to Armament Factory", by C. Reuter. A history of Hitler's secret underground aircraft factory. Little information was available to the allied intelligence in 1945 about the factory. After the collapse of Nazi Germany the installations were forgotten until the East German Army re-opened the installation for further military use. The factory produced the revolutionary jet fighter, the Me 262. The booklet deals with the history of the factory and the developmental history of the Fw 190, the Me 262, He 162 jet fighters of the Luftwaffe and the Me 163 the only operational rocket powered fighter. The Me 262 and He 163 were the forerunners of the modern jet fighter. Soft cover, IBICO binding. Format 5 1/2 X 8. 110 pages text with many illustrations. Price.............$14.00

"The V2 and the German, Russian and American Rocket Program", by C. Reuter. A history of the German Rocket Program. Part I will deal mostly with the development of the German rockets in Peenemünde and the production in Hitler's secret underground "Mittelwerk" complex. Part II will deal with the V2 in the US and the development of the US, Russian, and European program. Soft cover, IBICO binding. Price........$16.00

Now available Rare flying manuals for the V1, Me 163 and the Me 262. All are reprints of the original 1944 editions. Text is in German only. Well illustrated. FZG 76 (V1) Gerätehandbuch Teil 1: Zelle (Fuselage V1)
FZG 76 (V1) Gerätehandbuch Teil 2: Heft 1 Steuerung (Steering V1)
Me 262 Bedienungsvorschrift-F1 Teil 1 Flugbetrieb (Flying manual for Me 262)
Me 163B Flugzeug-Handbuch: Teil 0, Allgemeine Angaben (Me 163 Standard Instructions)
Me 163B Flugzeug-Handbuch: Teil 8A, Schußwaffenanlage (Weapons Me 163)
Heft 1: Rumpf-MG 151/20
Me 163B Flugzeug-Handbuch: Teil 10, Beförderung und Bruchbergung (Transport and recovery)
Price pro booklet is $6.00.

NEW, "German Underground Installations in Central Germany", Reprint of Allied Reports. History of the German underground program in Central Germany. Price

CD-ROM. The V1. First Cruise Missile in history. MS Power Point Presentation. Many illustrations including pictures from the 1944 technical handbooks. Also shown are the buildings associated with the V1. Price:...$8.00

History of the German Luftwaffe. By Prof. Suchenwirth. Reprint of Prof. Suchenwirth's book. Excellent inside view dealing with Luftwaffe organization etc..

Very rare archive-material from the files of the Air Force Historical Research Agency: "Development of Aircraft Gun Turrets in the AAF, 1917-1944" Book deals with the development of aircraft armament. In detail it shows the developments of bomber gun turrets of the US Army Air Force. 150 pages text with illustrations. Format 5 1/2 X 8. Price........$14.00

"The Development of the Heavy Bomber, 1918-1944" Booklet deals with the development of the American Heavy bombers from 1918 until 1944. 111 pages text. Price...$14.00,p.
CD-ROM. MIG Fighter Aircraft History of Mig Fighter Aircaft. Over 300 illustrations show all the different types. A MS POWER POINT presentation. Price...........................$8.00

CD-ROM. Russian Ballistic Missiles History of the Russian ballistic missile force including the missiles developed by the German scientists in Russia. Many illustration. MS Power Point Presentation. Price.....$6.00

CD-ROM. Russian Submarine Launched Missiles and Russian Submarines Many illustrations, technical data dealing with the Russian submarine launched missiles. Part two deals with the Russian ballistic and attack submarines. MS Power Point Presentation, including Video clips. Kursk etc. Price...$6.00

NEW Rocket and Aviation Classics.

The V2 CLASSIC:"Ballistics of the Future". Reprint of the 1945 Edition.
We have re-printed the chapters on the V1 and V2, incxluding the foldout plates. The original is almost impossible to obtain.
112 pages text with illustrations and fold-out plates.
Price $20.00

"German Technology Horten and Lippisch Aircraft Developments"
History of all Lippisch and Horten aircraft designs including the Me 163.
114 pages, illustrated. Price: $14.00
Other aviation classics:
"Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War" Frederick A. Talbot
"British Airships: Past, Present and Future" by George Whale (Late Major, R.A.F.)

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