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The Longhaired Whippet is a coated variety of purebred Whippet: playful, affectionate, gentle and intelligent, but with an attractive and protective coat. These coated Whippets were originally restored via the longhaired recessive gene which occurs in Whippets and many other smooth domestic purebred dogs, e.g.Ibizans, German Shepherds, Corgis etc.

All Longhaired Whippets bred and registered with the Longhaired Whippet Association are PURE WHIPPETS exhibiting or carrying the long haired gene.

The Longhaired Whippet Association web site has many photos of Longhaired Whippets for your to enjoy! Here you will find lots of history and information on the Longhaired Whippet.

The foundation line of Longhaired Whippets was Windsprite Whippet Kennels; registered with the A.K.C. and founded by Walter A. Wheeler Jr. in 1958. Over 50 years ago Mr. Wheeler undertook the project to bring out and focus on the recessive longhaired coat within the Whippet breed. Windsprite produced decades of outstanding Whippets with both smooth and long hair.

Coated Whippets are fully documented in paintings, sculpture and objets d'art dating even before the renaissance age and observable in the world's great museums.


Close-up excerpt:
Gaston Phoebus
"Book of the Hunt"
Paris, France
15th Century

The long, silky coat of the Longhaired Whippet provides not only aesthetic quality, but protects these dogs from the cold and injury. Smooth Whippets, with their thin skin and short coats are prone to serious injury, especially when running at high speeds.

The standard for the Longhaired Whippet has been published and copyrighted by the Longhaired Whippet Association, Inc. since 1981. (See section on breed standard).

The International Registry of the LWA, Inc. is the official stud book for the Longhaired Whippet breed and is the parent club, registering these dogs world-wide. The Longhaired Whippet Association does not recognize any mix of breeds that includes Longhaired Whippets, nor those claiming to be "percentage" of Longhaired Whippet. The LWA only endorses LWA-accredited breeders that breed and raise pure Whippets, carrying or exhibiting the recessive longhaired gene.

To learn more information regarding the background of Longhaired Whippets, why there are mixed breed rumors and confusion surrounding the variously named breed clubs around the world, click HERE.

Discovery Channel's Animal Planet says the Whippet is the "Ferrari of the Dog World". View the Animal Planet Video on Whippets and Longhaired Whippets by clicking the link below:

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